About us

Our goal is to raise ecological awareness among Polish consumers and at the same time to improve their diets through products offered by Mercatare

Mercatare Company

MERCATARE is an importer and distributor of organic and natural products. Our offers include a wide range of products recommended for diabetics as well as gluten-free products.

We are the only representative on the Polish market of the following innovative brands of food products:

  • Torras (Spain)
  • Sula (Germany)
  • Trapa (Spain)
  • Florbu (Spain)
  • Bonelle (Italy)
  • Heath & Heather (Great Britain)
  • Xucker (Germany)
  • Stockleys (Great Britain)

Natural foods

Natural foods are one of the main elements guaranteeing a proper and balanced diet and should be readily available for every Polish family.

All products offered by Mercatare are produced in countries with a very highly developed ecological culture and which ensures they are of the highest quality.
Part of these products are certified as organic food products.

Our competitive advantage has been built on many years of experience in the international food markets and a deep belief in the importance and role of natural products. Mercatare works together with a broad network of organic food producers, mostly from Great Britain, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands and also participates in a number of initiatives in the field of bio and eco foods which permits the most desirable and sought after products of natural foods to be introduced into the domestic market.

We specialize in the import and distribution of organic and natural products.