Mercatare adheres to a strict policy of quality and distinguishing natural food products

One of the leading ways to implement this policy is to identify products from specific regions which are characterized by the highest quality.

A number of our products are certified organic food products.

According to the Polish Society of Organic Agriculture, (the Polish entity responsible for certification of organic foods),(…) organic food is high quality food, because the raw products for its production come from organic farms, located in areas with clean soil, air and water and not contaminated by the influence of industry or a municipal infrastructure. In such ecological farms, strict production methods are applied, which are additionally controlled by independent, professional certification organizations. The processing of ecological raw products is also subject to further control following a strict technological regime.

Organic food is characterized by the following specific features:

  • produced according to strictly defined principles of organic farming, included in legal provisions,
  • the process of its creation is tracked, controlled and documented “from field to table”,
  • the producer and control unit of the production process are responsible for its quality.


Mercatare is an active participant in the trade and supply chain of organic products and has an ecological certificate awarded by Ekogwarancja PTRE number: PL-EKO-01-11178.





Natural foods

With the fast pace of life and increasing changes taking place in the 21st century people more often desire to return to their roots, grow closer to nature and live in a slower and more mindful manner. Along with this grows an awareness of the need for natural nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. Natural foods made from the highest quality ingredients are the answer to the growing need for proven products of good quality and known origin. Consuming natural food products means adopting a specific lifestyle which offers a way to achieve internal harmony while respecting nature and observing ethical principles.

Our products are a guarantee of the highest quality and health standards

Products for diabetics

We have a wide range of products for diabetics.

Persons with diabetes should follow a diet that will protect them from overly high and dangerous levels of sugar in the blood.
Mercatare offers an assortment of products without added sugar that meet the highest standards and are recommended for diabetics.
These products are a perfect supplement to a balanced diet.

Gluten-free products

Many of the products we offer contain no gluten, which makes them suitable for people with Celiac disease.

A gluten-free diet is recommended especially for people with gluten allergy and celiac disease. Celiac disease is associated with intolerance to gluten contained in cereals.

A gluten-free diet is also gaining popularity among people who want to lose weight. Because products with gluten increase the amount of insulin in the blood, which in turn may lead to an increase in appetite, advocates of a gluten-free diet believe that the exclusion of cereal products from the diet helps reduce the desire to consume high calorie foods.

A partner of the WOŚP foundation

The main goal of the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation) are activities related to the field of preventative health care, consisting in saving the lives of the sick (particularly children), and taking actions to improve their well-being, as well as promoting health and preventive care …

Mercatare fully identifies itself with the efforts of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation and supports all activities that can contribute to saving even one human life and promote preventive health care.
One particular initiative we support is the “Get a grip on diabetes” program, of which we are a partner. We print all necessary information for diabetics on our labels which allow them to calculate the right amount of insulin they should take with a meal, which includes the amount of carbohydrate and protein-fat exchanges contained in the products they consume.